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  • Improved Skin Tone.
  • Flushes Out Toxins.
  • Weight Loss. .
  • Improves Cardiovascular Function. .
  • Pain Relief. .
  • Wound Healing.
  • Boosts Circulation. .
  • Fights Chronic Fatigue.


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The process of bodily accumulation and storage of toxins is known as 'toxic bio-accumulation'.

Toxins stored over a lifetime in fatty tissue of the body can be during periods of illness, fasting, excessive heat, exercise and emotional stress released into the bloodstream disposing you to the onset of serious illness and even the likelihood of early stage cancer.

The only way to remove these toxins from fat storage sites is to mobilize the toxic fat. Heat-stress experienced in a sauna is an effective method of removing fat-stored toxins from the body.

Infrared woks by warming your body directly without having to heat the air inside the sauna. Breathing is easier ad healthier because the air temperature is not heated to the same degree as other types of saunas. The infrared heat penetrates deep into your body to relax sore muscles and help alleviate pain.





Our infrared sauna is also fitted with Chromotherapy. Chromotherapy is the effect different coloured lights have on your body. You can set the interior Chromotherapy lighting to the colour that suits your needs.


💚 anti-infectious, anti-septic, regenerative stimulation.

❤️ activates the circulatory & nervous system.

💙 lubricates joints, address infections, stress.

💛 reactivates and purifies the skin.

🩵 eliminates impurities from the blood steam.

💜 relaxes the nerves & lymphatic system, addresses inflammation and urinary illness.

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