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  • Treats muscle and joint soreness
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Shortens recovery time post-exercise
  • Reduces stress
  • Promotes neural and cardio vascular system recovery
  • Assists in the recovery of muscle strain and joint inflammation


Ice bath 1

Breathing exercise and Ice Bath

Although there is no doubt having a dip in the ice wakes you up and makes you feel fresh the real benefit comes from regular use and the correct breathing exercise before your dip.

Our breathing coach runs you through a pre-dip 10 minute session of breathing that stimulates the oxygen and CO2 content in your blood stream.

These exercises magnify the effect of the cold plunge ten fold giving you maximum benefit and you will find it lessens the pain of the cold.

This pre-dip breathing regime is recommended for the serious Ice Bather who wants maximum bang for their buck.

We offer bulk purchase packages as well and this is to promote the fact that a dip every second day done properly will build your internal repair and immune systems giving you a strong defence against injury and sickness.

Recommended highly for the sports or professional athlete but alps excellent for building up internal natural defences against common cold and all flu varieties.

Dare we say, even better than a jab' without putting chemicals and toxins into your system.

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